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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There's a CHILL in the air....yea so what! Bootcamp rolls on! And with New Ooomph!

Our Newly designed "Sweat and Burn" class is designed to get you burning as many calories in a 45 minute class as possible. And you will SWEAT! We combined Circuit Training and Plyometrics with a little cardio kickboxing to spice things up to keep you wondering where the time (and calories) went!

We are keeping records as to how much we are able to do each class in order to push hard to better ourselves each and every session. And THAT's what will keep us working at 200% and keep ups motivated.

The Sweat & Burn Program is designed for people with ranging motivational needs. So if you need just the one class per week then sign up for that. If you need an extra kick in the pants another night per week then I will come to your house and provide you that one on one training and support.

Classes are demanding with little rest so they are 45 minutes in length. We are still suited to all fitness levels and the new format will show you results faster than ever before.

We are currently running indoors and have combined Milton and Oakville into one central location which is only 10 mins from the outdoor locations. Group sessions are Thursday nights at 8:30pm (will be 7:30 in the new year). And private one on one is based on your schedule and mine! We'll find mutually convenient times.

Sign up now as space is limited. Let's ward off those Holiday pounds before they get the chance to harm us!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Countdown to BOOTCAMP SEASON!!!!

Well well well here we are after a long well did you do? Have you made any New Year Resolutions in regards to Fitness and Nutrition? I hope so. If not it's never too late! My advice? Set Mini-Goals...then pat yourself on the back as you achieve them.....for example. Trying to get in the habit of drinking more water (I am always trying to trick myself into more water especially in the cold weather). Set a goal! I will drink 2L of water everyday for 2 weeks and take my vitamins as directed. Then after 2 weeks, pat yourself on the back and continue with the good habit and add another layer to it.....I will get out for a (personally appropriate fitness activity) perhaps a brisk walk....perhaps a 20 min run, perhaps a 45 minute swim doing laps least 2 times per week for 2 weeks....

Continue your new great health habits and check into to sign up for our 2011 Spring Bootcamp program! Should all be posted and active by Monday February 14th!

I look forward to seeing YOU in BOOTCAMP! So git yer FITNESS ON!